About us

About us

We believe in the transformative power of men's fashion

…and find a way to unlock each customer one by one. Together we and you are sparking a fashion revolution that is changing the way you shop. Because like you, we know fashion doesn’t stop at size 12.

Our story

BOUDT is here today for its customers. Initially, when we were just a small fashion design group and loved making men’s clothing to give to loved ones, we received encouraging words for our startup. So, we did it! Energized by both family and initial customers, today we are more passionate than ever.

Fashion–and personal style:

We are passionate about diversity and various styles in men’s fashion and want to share our love with you. Drawing inspiration from real life, we design new men’s fashion styles to add to our website and regularly launch new collections.

Obsessed with conformity:

The difference between liking and loving is perfection. Therefore, our design team works diligently towards this. And when our clothes appear on our website, we will read every review and feedback from customers to continue working towards the most fitting style possible. We want to serve you as close friends who understand each other well!

Customers—the Ultimate Inspiration:

You inspire us. You inspire others. Check out @boudtstore1 on IG and share your looks with us, and reach amazing customers of quality and style who inspire us all to realize our fashionable and empowered selves your best.

If you need support or have questions please contact via email: [email protected]

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Office Address: 14801 Lemoyne Blvd Apt 202, Biloxi, MS 39532, United States.

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